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S repens is known to do that sort of melt back for unknown reasons. I think if you were to do a search on the forum you will likely find a few example postings. I myself have had it melt back for no apparent reason in a small tank of mine. Give it a week and you will likely see leaves growing back. Pruning some of the stems might also induce some growth as well. I think (just a guess on my part) its just the plants way of adjusting to some change in the tank. If you were to pull the roots up and have a look I bet they would be healthy and white still.

Also Fluorish Excel is not really a fertilizer and is marketed as a liquid carbon source but really is more commonly used as an algaecide in the hobby. I dont think it is really that great a source of carbon. From what I have heard over the years, it has been known to have an affect on certain sensitive plants such as Vals and even sometimes crypts.
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