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Hi, any help for this would be appreciated, im currently doing things to whittle down the list of things this could be.


60+l capacity, probably 55l of water

-nicrew RGB 24/7 v2 22inch
-fluval stratum
-excel 2ml daily as of pics but doing 4ml daily now (plant growth)
-TNC complete 5ml weekly as of pics but upped it x3 in 3 doses throughout the week, this should be a fairly lean EI dose
-gh8-10 kh 4
-pH 7.5
-started refilling with demin water with equilibrium to gh 8-10 and kh 4 (tap was 17gh and 5kh)

-light as of pics was 8 hours 100% but ive started the 24/7 cycle where its 100% for 2 hours and 80ish for 4 hours, with the light getting dimmer
,this seems fine, no algae, natural and no adverse effects. 6 hours darkness on the 24/7 setting, spots still persist exactly the same but, maybe a little less decay and better recovery, still waiting to see results from upping excel and TNC doses though, started today. temp 25-26 c

no livestock and still cycling

Good circulation

ive seen pics of these spots on another plant on another post too and more repens but no definitive answers, possibly lack of phosphate?

again any help would be welcome, im not going to add or start co2 either, its not for me sadly

edit: this happens on old and new leaves, seems to be very local one plant to the next, but it did appear on both end of the tank seperately, one plant has stopped and is now regrowing so i will monitor that with fingers crossed. the repens was a 1-2 tropica pot


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