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Tanks are for local pick up only in greater sacramento area.
55g oak trim tank $40
20g long black trim $20

I will ship these goods.
Ive got some 72 hour heat packs. $1.50 each or all for $1.25 each. I think there are about 15 or so left.

I have some N class pure wild blooded endlers from AdrianHD on aquabid. These are the fire red top yellow swords. ive bred them to have some nice black bars down their body. very different pattern. $2 for adults.

Plants for sale are s.repens $1 per rooted stem. i trimmed these about 1 month ago and they are all very healthily and heavily rooted now. I have maybe 20-30 rooted stems but im due up a trim so i can have maybe 60-70 stems total. Fresh stems may or may not have roots, but they grow them very quickly.

Pogesemon Erectus $3 per 4-5" stem
Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem' $1.50 per 4-5" stem

H. Lancea $.50 a stem

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