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So I never got rid of my 10 gallon petsmart stand, aquatek paintball regulator and my old 18" Ray 2 DS (from 2012) and I decided to setup the old 10 gallon as a troubleshooter tank to sort out the issues with some plants that I can't seem to grow properly (ex. Sunset hygro). I'll run a couple of ideas with this tank too including the 24/7 low CO2 setup and see if I can get better results.

Once I'm done this is going to end up in my daughter's room and she can finally keep some fancy guppies.

10 gallon Aqueon


Aquaclear 30 HOB

Petco black sand (I think this is a repackaged black blasting sand)


Aquatek Mini paintball w/ 24 oz tank using the Fluval ceramic diffuser

Jebao DP-4 dosing running 3 lines (NO3, PO4, Trace)

I have successfully setup 2 grow tanks running with the same setup of high light, CO2 injection and water column dosing. I eliminated the substrate as a factor and I've avoided the use root tabs. I want to show by keeping a good balance between the 3 components, you can have a nice planted tank.
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