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running 2 205's inline?

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My question is could I, after my reactor, attach another 205?

I have a bottom drilled tank designed to be connected to a canister filter (it’s a fluvial vensa), I’m running a fluvial 205(filled with sponge and biomedia) on a 45-50 gallon tank I recently attached a diy co2 reactor inline and found it cut allot of the flow rate. The main reasons for wanting it in line is, I have an extra 205, because the existing return and exchange are well hidden and would not want more tubes and I would not mind having the filter after the reactor( to break down small bubbles)

Also, I have read others being told not to do this but they had filters of different flow rates?

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated!
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Even though flow rates are identical on paper they won't be. Also, the first in line will collect more debris and flow will degrade from the other.

You will never be able to maintain a balance. If you want more filter flow, consider selling both and upgrading to a larger filter with the $$$.
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