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I threw this thing together a few months ago because i got impatient and couldn't wait for myself to finish working out the kinks in my 100g (i wanted fish NOW!) :hihi:
Its kinda empty plant-wise because I took half the plants out to start my 100g

Current inhabitants
1 Ancistrus cf cirrhosus Veiltail (my prized fish)
11 Glowlight tetras
an obscene ammount of ramshorn snails
a couple bits of corkscrew vals
1 random anubis
1 amazon sword
That long stringy thing cabomba? that somehow made its way into a shipment of hornwort
1 2in stem of lugwigia brevipis that will eventually inherit the tank
and the meager portion of peacock moss that my (now exiled) crawfish didn't destroy (he never touched the flame moss... whats up with that?)

Though it has had its share of kinks too like my old (but unused) 305 being way too much for a 10g. So I created this masterpiece of a spray bar:hihi: so my sand isn't being blown all over the place

The pipe fittings are acrylic tubing btw
And what that pink stuff is, I have no idea, the fish flakes I use are pink, thats my only guess:confused1:

The other problem I encountered was when I ordered replacement tubes for my fixture. I ordered 18in. tubes, but when arrived, they were only 16.5in. even their box claimed they were 18 in:mad:
So I had to improvise...


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Nice looking setup! I bet the tank gets turned over a good many times with a 305!!! LOL But Spray Bars do a great job of distributing flow!!!

A good Idea on the lights, but I don't know how safe it is!!! HOPEFULLY someone that knows more about fluorescent bulb wiring will chime in and let Ya know! Me, I would be worried leaving it like that for very long! Especially if you are gone during the day, and the tank is home alone!!! New bulbs are cheaper than a new house!!!

Good work and keep up the good pics!
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