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rummynose and stocking a 20 long

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I've got a 20 long growing emergent at the moment, and have some pretty good ideas on how to stock it. I've been a fan of the rummynose, but i've read a fair amount about their sensitivity, and was hoping to get a consensus from this crowd. I'm on a well, and my water tends to come out on the neutral-hard side. Filtration is a rapids mini canister, with the option of an additional sponge filter. For stocking I'm thinking 8 rummynose, a pair of bolivian rams and 4 corys, probably false julii, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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When I stock rummy nose I always end up losing 1 or 2 in the first day or so and then after that the fish acclimate well. I'm up to 20 or 21 now. Very hard to count them! IMO they are the best schooling fish. Rarely to they separate and it's the best when the swim from one side to the other as a school. Very pleasing.

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I've never stocked any tanks with rummy nose until about a week ago. I put 9 rummy nose in a newish setup (cycled but still new) and they've all survived for about 8 days now. As a comparison I added in half a dozen cardinals at the same time and have lost 4 of them in that time period. Based on my (short) experience with the rummy nose they are at least hardier than the cardinals are!
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