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Royal Blues $75 for 12 shrimp ($6.25 each). Minimum order is 12 shrimp. Shipping is $12 for USPS Priority.

I have a quite a few juvenile Royal Blues that I would like to get rid of before it warms up. My Royal Blue colony is descended from shrimp that I bought from someone on this forum last year. 100% tank raised here, not imports.

Mixed grade CRS/CBS (and golden bee if you want them) 20 + a few extras for $33 + $12.00 for shipping. So for $45, you will get around 23 shrimp shipped to you.

As you can see in ther pictures, there are shrimp with S, SS, and SSS markings. I will make sure that at you get a decent mix of shrimp (with SS and SSS marked shrimp), not a bag full of S's.


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