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Royal Blue Tigers in ADA Amazonia

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So my bf and I want to venture back to the Tigers world. Left them about a year ago given they were such a headache. Anyhow, have seen lots of breeders use ADA Amazonia for them, but how they manage to make the Tigers happy with pH of only 6.5 and KH 0 and GH 4 that the soil buffers to?

So I am guessing in 6.5 pH and 150 TDS won't cut it huh? Wonder why they need dirtier water to survive :(

The only way I see this would work is adding Seriyu Stones gradually to obtain pH 7.0, TDS of 200+, KH of 4+ and GH of 8+

Would have opted out for another soil but don't want to do another tank or change out the substrate (only 8 months old).
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I agree 6.5 is low 7+ is what I think. But gh I use 6-7 khan 1-2

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I've kept my royals and oebt in amazonia with seriyu for the past year and a half. Params are perfect
Seriyu is great at increasing PH, GH AND KH, but it seems like they never stop. It'll keep leaching so how do you control it to be more stable?
Good point, but since its so unstable you have to test before a W/C and test again after to make sure the swing isn't all crazy. Looks like building up for alot of work. Lol
Just do weekly and it will never be a big swing
I wish I have time for that but I don't :( Back to the drawing board. Lol
Could you try it with an inert substrate? I'm planning to keep mine with Eco Complete (well that and I couldn't afford a bag of ADA Amazonia student). My tap is at 7.6, 6.7 kH and 11 GH so I figure if it can keep it around there, it might be doable if I were to start with babies. Albeit it's on the higher end of the kH and GH scale. R.O. water is at 7 (right?), and then you could just remineralize to get it to the proper kH and GH and see if it stays stable. Thats what I'm hoping will happen in my case. I've been using the same water every water change, and I test right before hand, and neither my pH or gh/kh has budged with the Eco Complete in the tank.
Hey msnemo, sorry i took so long to respond, been real busy with work amd family. The seiryu is not as bad as many would think. I have around 10lbs in my 12 long and i do a wc every other week. Tds may only raise 20ppm in that time. I then just change around 2 gallons of water with a tds around 175-180. Really nomore work than my tb tank is.
I do not test besides tds, do not believe in it, just watch the shrimp. The only thing i really look for is if they start getting the split carapace i know gh has creeped up to much. But i have a real good routine ans that hasnt happened in forever. Last time i tested, maybe 6 months ago params were, ph7.4 kh3 gh6 tds 200 temp a constant 68.5f.
All my shrimp breed explosively and i have not had a death i cam remember. It works for me but maybe i'm just lucky.
Yeah i think her issue is with amazonia her ph pulls down to 6.5
I have a tank of Royal Blue and a few OEBTs in the mix. Akadama 5.5G tank. 10 juvi size shrimps in last November, and now have over 80 shrimps in there and breeding doesn't stop. I probably have done 3 10% water changes since November.

Another OEBT tank with ADA Amazonia and they are doing well too. What I'm doing now is to recycle the ADA that doesn't buffer anymore for tigers. With RO the PH is around 6.8-7.1... perfect for them.

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Yeah i think her issue is with amazonia her ph pulls down to 6.5
That's what the seiryu is for. It's just like how people add crushed coral.
Thank you for the clarifications everyone. I think a better alternative soil then would be Azoo Plant Grower since it doesn't buffer as much. Mostly around 6.8 only. Add some crushed coral and it should be set at 7.5 :)
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