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Royal Blue Tiger

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So I been keeping OEBT for a bit now and figured I give Royal Blue Tigers a go.

Now in the past I saw them been sold as 100% true breeders. Now that I started looking into getting a few I find more and more sales of culls.

After talking to some of the sellers they say they get 20-30% culls from their Royal Blue lines.

Anyone else have them that either breed true or if not are they like normal OEBT with blue/blonde?
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I have yet to have a cull with mine, probably 80-100 babies. Maybe it depends who you get them from. I got mine from Speedie last spring. (Just so i don't get a bunch of pms, I am not looking to sell right now).
Yeah I think back when Lex was one of the few sellers he seem to have almost no culls if any.
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