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Hello all, I have portions of:

  • 7 stems of some sort of rotundifolia
  • 12-15 stems of green myrio
  • 2 baseball-sized clumps of riccia

The myrio and riccia grew rampant in my low-tech tank. The rotundifolia prefers higher light and CO2 probably (for full coloration), but should hold up fine in a low tech tank.

Asking for $20 (includes shipping) for the whole lot. Shipping would be 1-3 Day Priority Mail Flat Rate Box (small). I will be shipping from 19720 (DE). And mind your weather. I do not have heat packs, but I can try and foam them up well for at least some insulation.

I also have my Aquatop Nano Type-P for sale. It is in like-new condition, used since November until last week. Asking for $50 (includes shipping).

Mystery Rotundifolia:

Green Myrio:



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