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EDIT: NO Hygro Sunset

Hey guys, I posted this on SCAPE and didn't get any interest so I'm putting it up on TPT. I would like to sell all of these to one person for ease of shipping but I can split it up if you'd like. I know I don't have many posts on here but I'm pretty active on SCAPE and people would vouch for me if you need it. Anyway, here's the list of plants.

"I need to do another trim in my tank and I have quite a few good trimmings available. All are algae free, there may be a few snails though.

-Rotala sp. "green" 20+ decent sized stems 75 cents each
-Ludgwigia repens x arcuata, about 5 to 10 pretty red stems 75 cents each
-hydrocotyle verticilliata 10+ nodes 25 cents a node or all for $2

If you buy all of them, I'll throw in some dwarf sag and frogbit for free.

Buy it as a package for $25

Shipping with USPS priority - $6

Help out a poor college kid and pick up some plants at the same time!

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