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You guys helped me out so much with my last question (thanks again) that I am hoping you can help me with this one!

My Rotala rotundifolia finally took off in the last 30 days or so, since I put in the Osmocote root tabs. It's been spreading everywhere, even during my algae bloom. I got rid of the bloom and now all of a sudden the Rotala leaves have this translucent mottled look to them. At first I thought it was algae growing on them but upon further inspection it does not appear to be that. Also seeing leaves floating around on the surface now. Pics attached!

I use Flourish liquid plant supplement for micro ferts and Osmocote root tabs for macros. I also use co2 (bubble counter). Lighting: two 6500k T8 LED bulbs in a converted fluorescent fixture (33Gal/125L) = 22.4 Watts/Litre.

Forgot to post the pic


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