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Hi everyone, hopefully someone can assist :).

The issue:
Some odd things going on with Rotala Macandra Mini Butterfly

SizingTank size: 246 Litres (65 Gallons)
Tank Dimensions:LxDxH (90 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm) (36 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches)
Lighting Lights + PAR: 3x AI Prime at 100%
Prime Freshwater - AquaIllumination

Approximately 78 PAR from each spotlight at 2 feet deep (substrate):
Photoperiod14 hours (10 minute ramp up at start and 10 minute ramp down at end)
Filtration and FlowFilterCanister Filter: SunSun (Sunsun 110V 30W 1200-3000LPH HW-3000 LCD Display 4-Stage External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer for Aquarium Up to 800GPH Fish Tank Surface Skimmer Adjustable Flow Rate: Pet Supplies)
Flow 3000 Litres per hour (793 Gallons per hour)
DistributionIntake on the left, spray bar across the back, skimmer on the right.
SubstrateTropica powder with fluorite with DIY Miracle Gro root tabs
Fertilization/waterValues over week divided into daily dosing Per week:
From KNO3:
Nitrate (NO3): 25 ppm
Potassium (K): 16 ppm

From KH2PO4:
Phosphate (PO4): 10 ppm
Potassium (K): 4 ppm

From (Plantex CSM + B): .7 ppm Iron as proxy
General Hardness At water change:
Potassium (from K2SO4): 24 ppm
Potassium from water report: 0 ppm
Magnesium (from MgSO4*7H2O): 16 ppm
Magnesium from water report: 2 ppm
Calcium (from CaSO4*2H2O): 15 ppm
Calcium (from water report): 9 ppm

Totals (assuming no residual at water change):
Ca: 25ppm
Mg: 18 ppm
K: 24 ppm
Totals (with some residual):
Ca ~ 30 ppm
Mg ~ 22 ppm
K ~ 26 ppm

dGH at water change: 4dGH from Ca, 5 dGH from Mg ~ 9dGH
Carbonate hardness1 dKH via water report
TDSfluctuates from 340 ppm to 360 ppm any time I test it
CO2DistributionDiffuser throws bubbles into intake and then is distributed through the spraybar
Drop Checker
TimingCO2 turns on and off with lights
pHGoes down to roughly 5.7/5.8
Water change80% weekly once or twice
Temperature 26 degrees celsius (79 fahrenheit)

Descriptor Tank shots
Full tank
Pogostemon Erectus + Rotala Serpylfolia + Wallichi

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