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Rotala H'Ra Bottom Leaves are Melting

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In my tank Rotala H'Ra old leaves are melting. I have attached few images of the plants. I'm Unable to find the reason for this. Could you please help me.

Tank Size: 3ftx1.5ftx1.5ft
Temperature: 27-28C(82-84F)
Fertilizer: Tropica Specialized Fertilizer(I'm Adding 8 Pumps(16ml) after water change in every weak)
Light: WRGB LED Strips
Substrate: Dymax Base soil
Co2: Pressurized Co2(3 Bubbles per second)[Drop checker is showing green in the photo period]
Filter: 950 litters per hour Canister Filter
Lights on 8 Hours Per day
50% Water Change every weak.
Nitrate: 5-10ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm

Have a pest snail problem also.

Please see the attached images and help me to find the reason and a solution to the problem. Thank You.
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You appear to be underdosing ferts by a significant amount. Tropica Specialized Nutrition appears to be fairly dilute in nature.

Your 1x weekly dose of Tropica Specialized Nutrition adds the following amounts of ferts to your tank:


Try to target the following each week for N,P, & K, starting on the low end and and ramping up as necessary.
N - 5-15 PPM
P - 3-5 PPM
K - 5-15 PPM
Mg - 5-15 PPM
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