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Rotala dying on me, Can placement of Powersand might cause this to my tank?

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Need help:y rotala species are just not succeeding in this tank... Note: rescaped tank about 2 months back..

This is my 6th tank.. and for the first time encountering this problem..

this is a rescaped tank, and while rescaping the tank i added some powersand and on top of it added soil.. i.e. Powersand wasnt added at the bottom most layer.
the main effect of this is mainly on the bottom part..
I was earlier thinking it was deficienc but also inclined towards could it be toxicity of something??

Most of the other plants are growing very well..
Staurogyn repens.. helferi.. ludwigia mini red.. rotala bonsai..

But rotala walichi, HRa, rotundifolia, orange juice.. all are facing same issue..

You can see what's happening.. put photos of rotala HRa and walichi.. and both just deteriorating..

I have been growing rotala so many times now.. n this same rotala HRa.. under sa.e lighting but lesser co2 and lesser fertz is growing well in other tank.. but in this tank it's just not growing.. even my phoenix moss isn't growing in this tank n other tank it's florrishing..

I planted some stems in foreground to see if it a placement issue and something's wrong with the placement.. but no benefit of moving around..

Tank is having little green spot algae issue but mainly on glass n anubias nana petite..

Fertilization wise.. dosing aquavitro and seachem line too for additional potassium n all.. since I thought could be some deficiency..

This was a rescaped tank.. n before rescaping my rotalas were growing like crazy.. had to trim every 2 weeks .

Observations after planting new trimmings..
1. They don't straighten up at all..
2. Leaves start curling slightly after a week..
3. Plant doesn't color up ..
4. Leaves get darker.. n weak..
5. Whatever growth I get is dead slow..

For rescaping.. added Amazonia.. and power sand.. over the older soil..

Co2 being pumped in quite a lot.. and lights on for 6 hours 3 + 3 ...

Please suggest if anything you have encountered earlier..

Please note:

I have another tank right beside this one where Rotala HRA is growing very well... with absolutely no issues and in this tank which I rescaped few weeks before this tank with issue and below are the comparisions.
1. Same Lights
2. Same Light Hours
3. Same Temperature
4. same Rotala HRA used
5. Same fertilizers used (little lesser in the healthy tank)
6. CO2 (little less in the healthy tank)

1. Tank with good results i am using bottled water and tank with horrible results i am using tap water
2. Tank with good results i am didnt add any powersand and tank with horrible results i added powersand while topping up amazonia
3. Flow is little high.