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So I've decided to get rid of these guys and keep only Cardinals in my tank.

The 8 Roselines are around 2.5", $6 each, take them all for $55 Shipped Priority Cheaper than any LFS... Not to mention probably healthier.

The 2 SAE are of similar size, 2.5", $3 each, take both for $15 Shipped Priority

The trio of Cherry Barbs (2 female, 1 male) will go for free with any purchase if asked for.

Shipping for the Roselines and SAE will be in a Medium Flat Rate Box, a large flat rate if needed (will charge an extra $4-5)

All fish will be shipped in Kordon Breather Bags with insulation. No heat packs available but the fish will do fine with USPS as long as they aren't left out in the cold for hours and hours.

If you'd wish to ship express, it'll be around an additional $20.
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