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Ropefish playground - new life

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I've decided it's time to start my own journal. This tank is with me for more or less 10 years. Started with discus (bad idea in middle school, really). So empty big tank and then I saw ropefish. 8 years ago little 15 cm long "worms" came to my house. At that time it wasn't a nice tank.
Year ago I decided to go planted and add some fish. Choice of fish was limited by ropefish. I needed something big enough to not get eaten, that's why I've ones of the biggest killifish and tetras. Every fish I own is from Africa.
Probably on summer holidays I'll do a major rescape, but now I'm just trying what can be done. Long story short: here are the specs.

120x48x60 cm (~345l)

5x ropefish
19x congo tetra (after weekend there will be 4 females and 8 males, now there's 11 females),
4x kribensis (tomorrow there'll be only a pair),
3x blue gularis (2 males, 1 female),
9x military helmet snail,
xxx maaany maaany other ugly mini snails.

microsorium pteropus, narrow, windelov,
anubias barteri, nana, bonsai, gold, gigantea,
bolbitis heudelotti, compact,
bucephanaldra of five kinds (don't know the names),
cryptocoryne undulata,
micranthemum monte carlo,
hygrophila corymbosa,
ammania gracilis,
rotala rotundifolia,
heteranthera zosterifolia,
red lotus,
crinum calamistratum,
fox moss, pheonix moss,
flame moss,
hydrocotyle sp. Japan,
some dying eleocharis parvula
(and looking for mini pelia).

Eheim 2028,
Aquael Turbo 1000.

T5 4x39W - 2x sylvania grolux, 2x sylvania luxline 865.

2,5 kg CO2 with sera reactor 1000 (love it), 100W heater.
Currently adding only potassium, micro and excel.

frozen food of many kinds, krill, black mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, shrimp, dillies etc. Hikari cichlid pellets (staple, gold), micro wafers, micro pellets.

once a week 60-90 litres water change, some trimming, cleaning glass etc.
And of course photos:

I'll try to update weekly, to show how the plants and my little congo tetras are growing :D

Edit: Water params of course!
PO4=5 (probably bad tests and too much frozen food without rinsing)
Temp=25 C
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Hi guys!
I wasn't posting here for some time, well things went mad for some time. 4 weekend on vacation, later 2 weeks without CO2, 2 other weeks without half of the light... So many disasters.

Odd thing is all kribensis are doing great. All four youngsters are growing nicely.
Not odd at all. No self respecting krib is going to let another fish eat it! :laugh2: They can be tough little buggers.

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Just a quick update - tank is alive and well, a little algae here and there, echinodorus tenellus starts filling in (it's there for 3 weeks). I'm ordering a stand for a bigger tank right now, so moving ropefish to their new paradise is getting closer (but probably won't happen quicker than in half a year).


Teaser photo of the new shrimp tank:

And bonus cats. Father and son (who doesn't like cats, riiiight?):

Maybe later I'll add more photos, my friend took some, but I have to go through them and choose good ones.

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Time for big portion of photos!
First - ones my friend made. Mostly she loved my young blue gularis male... Who can blame her, he's beautiful! So no ropefish photos (only some in the backgrounds).

This is how the whole tank looks a few days after cleaning, didn't have time to clean the glass before photoshoot, sorry!

Here is the school:

And here are schooling (ok, I'm joking, only for a second they were swimming in the same direction) kribensis (they've grown in this tank from eggs!):

Young lady making her funny face:

A snail (what would I do, if he wouldn't clean the leaves!):

Hurray, there is a ropefish!

Now it's time for the star:

Time for my own potato phone quality photos. Look at the cute little guy:

New tank is starting with algae, mold and every other problem you can think of, when starting a new tank.
Tank: 30x30x30 cm cube
Filter: Aquael Fzn-3
Light: Aquael Decolight 2x11W (Sun+Plant)
Substrate: HELP Advanced Soil Plant
Plants: DHG, Echinodorus Tenellus, Buces (some withered when moving between tanks, some were added, so now I don't even know the names), Bolbitis Compact, fox moss, phoenix moss, cameroon moss, fissidens miroshaki - my favourite, fissidens mini taiwan, flame moss, subwassertang, mini pelia, mini weeping moss
Inhabitants: blue velvet shrimps, tangerine tiger shrimps, soon CPDs

Can you find 3 little shrimps? (By little I mean 3-4 mm):

Bonus jarrarium from my desk:

Ok, I did an photo update at last! Enjoy! (Some advices, critique wouldn’t be bad)

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Today I did some testing in my main tank. It's really odd, I can't get KH up, but GH is in a nice range. I'm using remineralized RO water to KH=4, GH=8 (it's some hobbyist made remineralizer it's adding 34 ppm of Ca, 12 ppm of Mg and 1 ppm of Na, it contains CaSO4, MgSO4, NaHCO3, Ca(HCO3)2 and some Benibachi minorection powder) for water changes. I'm fertilizing with K2SO4, KNO3, KH2PO4 and Micro Plus Ingermag (with some more bonus Fe and Mn) to get weekly dose of: 5 ppm K, 3,3 ppm NO3, 0,33 ppm PO4, 0,18 ppm Fe, 0,1 ppm Mn. My parameters are:
pH=6,2 (with CO2)
Ca=40 ppm
Mg=18 ppm
Fe=0,15 ppm
K=25 ppm
NO3=15 ppm
PO4=1,5 ppm

I would be happy to get my KH to around 4, but it drops naturally to 2 (and stops there). Yet I don't have problems with GH (it's even higher than from remineralized water) and pH dropping horribly. Magnesium and Calcium seem high too, so what's going on with my KH? What might be causing it?
Actually this problem exist for a long time, sometimes I'm getting KH to 3, but never higher.

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Bad news - yesterday at the end of the bottle CO2 went mad. I wasn't at home, so I came back to all congo tetras dead. After night fighting only one kribensis made it. Ropefish and blue gularis didn't care, it's good to be able to breath with atmospheric O2... Today ropefish laid eggs - obviously they tend to do that after temperature swing and I've done BIG water change (well, big for me - 40%). I've been thinking about buying pH computer to control CO2, now I'm sure I have to buy one after I lost so many fish... At least my dear ropefish all made it absolutely healthy.

Now I don't know if I want to buy congos once again or maybe some bushfish? They're more ropefish-ish... You know kinda dark ;-)

Well, I'll try to do an update once I get the mess in control. Now a last photo of my poor congos:

(Yup, blurry as hell)

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I'm doing a big water change once again - you know cleaning after many deaths... 15 little ropefish! I've put them in a shrimp tank, maybe they'll eat small shrimplets? We'll see. Was I saying I'm not breeding them? :-D I've got a short video of them, after cleaning I'll put it here.

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Here is 10 of them:
Ropefish fry video

After that I found 5 more and later on 5 more! So 20! Let's hope for the best.

Tomorrow I'll take a photo of the whole tank, lost some plants due to sadness... Haven't refilled CO2, haven't cut lotus and echinodorus tenellus and cryptocoryne undulata nearly disappeared. Well, back on track! I'm looking for suggestions: should I put another ~15 congo tetra or 6 leopard bushfish? After loosing such beautiful and big congos I'm not sure I want to start again with them. On the other hand - they really were beauties!

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Sorry to hear about your fish, other than a controller the only way I've found to avoid a deadly EOTD is as soon as the pressure drops change the tank out, if you are able to check the pressure everyday you shouldn't run into any issues.

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Those fry are so awesome!!! I saw ropefish at the local fish store and they are so cool. Glad to see someone has them. How do they do with the kribs? I would think they might be small enough to be eaten.
They're too lazy to eat them ;-) Actually the only little lady that has lived through CO2 catastrophe was in one tank with ropefish from an egg. Only five of the fry reached maturity, but with ropefish and blue gularis in a tank I think it's crazy enough. Ropefish don't seem to care about other fish, but when I left for a month and they were eating every third day I lost few smaller female congo tetras, so probably they can hunt if they need to. I believe that if ropefish are not hungry they won't hunt other fish, they just don't need to. Just in case I'm always growing out the fish in other tank before putting them with ropefish.

Remember kirbensis are insanely aggressive when with the fry. Even ropefish were running away. Imagine little lady krib biting ropefish on their barbels. So scary! ;-)
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