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Ropefish playground - new life

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I've decided it's time to start my own journal. This tank is with me for more or less 10 years. Started with discus (bad idea in middle school, really). So empty big tank and then I saw ropefish. 8 years ago little 15 cm long "worms" came to my house. At that time it wasn't a nice tank.
Year ago I decided to go planted and add some fish. Choice of fish was limited by ropefish. I needed something big enough to not get eaten, that's why I've ones of the biggest killifish and tetras. Every fish I own is from Africa.
Probably on summer holidays I'll do a major rescape, but now I'm just trying what can be done. Long story short: here are the specs.

120x48x60 cm (~345l)

5x ropefish
19x congo tetra (after weekend there will be 4 females and 8 males, now there's 11 females),
4x kribensis (tomorrow there'll be only a pair),
3x blue gularis (2 males, 1 female),
9x military helmet snail,
xxx maaany maaany other ugly mini snails.

microsorium pteropus, narrow, windelov,
anubias barteri, nana, bonsai, gold, gigantea,
bolbitis heudelotti, compact,
bucephanaldra of five kinds (don't know the names),
cryptocoryne undulata,
micranthemum monte carlo,
hygrophila corymbosa,
ammania gracilis,
rotala rotundifolia,
heteranthera zosterifolia,
red lotus,
crinum calamistratum,
fox moss, pheonix moss,
flame moss,
hydrocotyle sp. Japan,
some dying eleocharis parvula
(and looking for mini pelia).

Eheim 2028,
Aquael Turbo 1000.

T5 4x39W - 2x sylvania grolux, 2x sylvania luxline 865.

2,5 kg CO2 with sera reactor 1000 (love it), 100W heater.
Currently adding only potassium, micro and excel.

frozen food of many kinds, krill, black mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, shrimp, dillies etc. Hikari cichlid pellets (staple, gold), micro wafers, micro pellets.

once a week 60-90 litres water change, some trimming, cleaning glass etc.
And of course photos:

I'll try to update weekly, to show how the plants and my little congo tetras are growing :D

Edit: Water params of course!
PO4=5 (probably bad tests and too much frozen food without rinsing)
Temp=25 C
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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