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Ropefish fry

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Holy cow! I'm doing a little cleaning in my tank and taking out some plants and BOOM. Little ropefish, I'm 90% sure they're ropefish, too long for any other fish from my tank. They're around 1 cm long. What can I do for them? I've taken them out in a little container, I have some spare tanks, so there'll be place to grow them out, but I heard it's nearly impossible to breed them! Help needed!
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I might be crazy, but I'm a big fan of leaving fry where they've hatched. If it's a densely planted tank they'll often times find places to hide that are out of the way, and well established tanks have lots of tiny bio film/life in them for the fry to snack on.

It might also be from working in IT as long as I have, where basically if it's not broken, don't fix it.

Congrats on the fry!
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