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rooty tooty - what's up with all the roots?

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I have some really nice plants that grow like crazy - then
start getting roots all over

1) Is this normal
2) It is not the best look - is there a way to minimize or
eliminate this?
3) If not normal or "good" - what am I doing incorrectly that
would cause this.

Some plants that are doing this (spelling damage about to be
inflicted) ludwigia respens, antheria reicki, cabomba, hygrophilia
all very rooty tooty :)
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This is perfectly normal. I've trimmed a lot of the roots but, I'm not sure if trimming all of them would be a good idea. I've read that several other people just plant them so that there are slightly shorter plants in front to hide all of the long, dangly roots.
That's typical of most, if not all, stem plants. Personally, I pinch them off and throw them away.
I pinch mine to. The worst rooty tootie in my tank is the wisteria.
I cut just below the roots, then replant them. The roots on my rotalas always do it.
i'm a fan of the trim and plant in front technique. hides the rooty tooty plants behind the non rooty ones.
I pinch mine to. The worst rooty tootie in my tank is the wisteria.
Wisteria is the worst! I pull them off. I'm not too worried about hurting its growth considering how invasive it is.
I also just pich of the roots that grow out of the stems of my wisteria. As long as your plants are well rooted in the soil, removing the stems will not hurt your plant growth.
ludwigia sends out lots of roots too. When they do that, you go ahead and plant them sideways... They'll make a nice carpet for awhile.
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