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Roots in unopened bag of Amazonia

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Purchased 1 box (3x9liter bags) of ADA Amazonia about a week ago. Just opened the box tonight to see a few white roots growing in the substrate already. There is condensation in the bags as well.

Is this normal?

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I would say mold. Sounds like mold. Not sure if it would still be safe if you use it in the aquarium, maybe contact who you bought it from and see if a refund or replacement is possible?
My shipment had some roots too, they came from a seed. Mine were dried out so I wasn't too worried about it.
I just seen this a few hours ago at a pet store here in japan. I seen long greenish roots in a bag of amazonia that was also moist.
i have a bag with what looks like sunflower seeds in it, so if it got moist i am sure they would germinate...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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