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Do you guys use root tabs?

My current tank is only about 6 weeks old with a fair amount of plants. some new at only a couple weeks in the tank and the rest from my old tank. I am using a mix of Controsoil & Aqua Sand as substrate, what I had on hand. I added 2 root tabs for my red dwarf lilies (1 each), unfortunatley a couple of my ALTERNANTHERA REINECKII 'MINI' that were close to the root tabs literally disintegrated in 2 days after. The one was growing well.

Inserted tabs the day after a 20% water change. Water parameters all good.

Too soon for root tabs? Are they necessary?

Parameters then:
PH - 6.6
NO3 - 5 ppm
Kh - 1-2 dKH
GH - 7 dGH
CO2 injected
15 gallon tank
1 betta, 2 Otos
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