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Root divider in substrate?

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Has anyone tried putting a divider in their substrate in order to keep plants from spreading into unwanted areas? I was thinking of using a piece of vertical blind as a divider. It's made of pvc and is typically 3" wide. Seems like the perfect solution. Any comments?
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the daughter plants will simply root where the mother plants are,
so you won't be inhibiting growth, simply constricting propagation.
or the plants will send roots and runners well above the substrate.
of course, it may very much depend on the plant and the tank.
So basically I won't be doing myself any favors?
it may have the desired effect of keeping the plants out,
but the crowded plants may show stress in the long run.
that's why people mostly trim and prune their plants,
so the remaining plants have room and light to flourish.
I see. Thanks for the help.
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