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OK all, you can all laugh at me...

Did something totally stupid and truly rookie. Most of you know I work at my LFS and have been keeping fish since I could say the word "fish". Well we got our new shipment in on Fri. I wanted some of the l. curviceps. I coudn't sex them as they were too young so I took 4 home in the hopes of getting at least 1 male and 1 female. I tried choosing after work yesterday two lighter and 2 darker to see if that increased my chances from what I had read. They all seemed fin shredded though, and so I picked the nicest looking "light" one I could find in the tank....

Today was day 2. I noticed that nice one looked brilliant and the other 3 were even MORE shredded, dark, and hiding....didn't know why...until I took a real good look at the light one... was a 3 spot JEWEL CICHLID that i had just put into my PEACEFUL COMMUNITY TANK!!!! (the rasboras are still shaking) It must have hopped along on the fish shipment as a hitchiker in the bag as there are no jewel cichlids in that aisle of the store....He was promptly removed and is hanging with my danios in the spare q-tank at the moment to be returned tomorrow.

Not even close...I mean they are the same size with blue spangles and that dwarf look but....the three friggin spots and red tail would have given it away.....or should have!!!!

How could I have made this mistake? At least it was me that ended up with this fish and not a customer!
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