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Ron's 20g long

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Hi all. I don't have multi tank syndrome (yet?) but I had some spare equipment and whatnot and put this tank together.

Satellite LED +
Fluval C3
Eheim Jaeger

So far so good. Using water and media from my primary 90g. Wood is still leeching tannins.

Waiting for the needle leaf java fern to grow out and block the HOB from view. That might take a while. lol.


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Thanks Psuedo!

I have a little bit of Marsilea Hirsuta. Much less maintenance than Glosso. Will have to wait a while for it to propagate as well. It's hard to find Bolbitis and Anubias Petite. Been looking for those to attach to the wood and "soften" the edges and also give the sense of continuity in the wood. Right now you can definitely tell it's 4 disparate pieces.

Trigger, I was looking at your tank earlier as well. Good luck with your build. :smile:
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