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Hello! I am using RODI water and filling it into a 55 gallon drum that i am mixing seachem equilibrium for GH alkaline buffer for KH and acid buffer to bring down the PH. So far i have only gotten the water to 4GH 1KH 7.0PH what i want is 4GH 4KH and 6.5PH. I cant seem to get the KH up and keep the PH down.... does anyone know the magic mixture to achieve such a thing?
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Calculator on Seachem site says 176g of equilibrium and 77g of alkaline buffer for 4 GH and 4 KH. For the pH you need 60g of acid buffer, but I prefer to use peat. Just get a small pump and let the water in the drum flow through the peat. From Seachem site: "As Acid Buffer™ lowers pH it converts carbonate alkalinity (KH) into available CO2.", I would understand that it lowers KH too, so you wouldn't like to use it, really.
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