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I have a storage tank (Brute Garbage Can) that I use to store my RODI water for water changes. It would be useful if I could just pump the water to my tank, rather than bucket lug. The storage tank is about 18ft away from the aquarium, from the floor to the top of my aquarium is about 5 ft.

I need a pump that is strong enough to pump the water that far, but not so strong that the water flow destroys my aquascape.

I would prefer it to be a submersible pump and I would just drag the hose out when its water change day.

When I'm looking at the flow charts for the pumps and it says for example: max head height 12ft, does that mean the pump can only push water through a hose that is 12ft long or does it mean it can only push water vertically 12 ft up?

If its vertically, than am I correct in that if I purchase a pump capable of a "head height" of 6ft, than I should be good? Seems I'm missing something here.
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