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Rockwood's 75g - I'm back and trying again!

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So after a hiatus I'm now moved, and we're mostly settled. I'm starting my tank back up.

Here are some of the basic things people want to know up front:

  • It's "high tech" - Compressed CO2 injection through a cerge reactor. I might change the injection method soon though.

  • Lighting is a 4x54w Catalina fixture on custom adjustable height hangers. (details on hangers forthcoming)

  • Filtration is a Ehiem 2262 for bio/mech and a 2217 for pushing heaters, CO2 injection and extra mech. I'll also through purigen in sometimes.

  • Substrate is Fluval Stratum. Looks interesting and I wanted to try it out.
I have several fish already that are left over from my last tear down. They're all living in a big rubbermaid tub with the 2217 running on it in the guest bathroom for now.

3-4 Clown Loaches
5 Cories
~18 rummynose tetras
1 pitbull pleco

I'm considering very heavily on trading the loaches so I can do more shrimp this go around. However, I'm fairly certain the loaches weren't bothering the shrimp and it was the rainbows, in reality, that were killing them all.
I'm not sure, we'll have to see. The rainbows are all gone, sold them to a friend with a dedicated rainbow tank.

Flora is undecided at the moment. I'd love to hear some ideas. I know I want to finally accomplish a lush green foreground, whether its UG, stauro, DHG, or something else. I'm not going to run RO, and I'm not yet sure of the tap water conditions. Once I know those I'll be able to make some choices.

I have a hardscape roughed out, and I'll be refining it a little over the next several days. I need to get some additional stratum to finish out sloping and filling in a few areas. The foreground is a little shallow I think too.

Here are pictures of the scape thus far:

The one side is going to be viewed a lot as it's the first thing you see coming into the room. I want it to look decent as well.

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After a late plumbing session, some in-cabinet organization and 75 gallons of water I got the tank filled last night.

Put the fish in this morning and they're settling in as we speak.

Now I need plants....
Love the scape. You added fish right after filling? Careful with that. You're going to be having big ammonia spikes.

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I've had the 2215 running for a couple weeks with media in it from before the breakdown. It's been maintaining the fish since I moved while in their temporary home (a medium rubbermaid tub.)

It's got more than enough bio running to maintain the tank while the 2262 reseeds, as long as I don't overfeed.
I like your scape. And your equipment set-up, very slick. The wood/rock combo is great, perhaps when you fill in with more substrate you could give those areas more height to ensure they don't get lost within plants. With that much lighting I'm sure plant growth will not be much of an issue haha
Well I just made a plant order:

- Limno Aromatica
- Alternathera reineckii
- Ludwiga Glandulosa
- Pogostemon Erectus
- Rotala Wallichi
- Blyxa Japonica
- Crypt Parva
- Glosso

I have a compact Amazon sword in, a couple crypts, and some blyxa that made it through the transition already in the tank.

I think I'm going to try a mixed foreground with DHG and glosso instead of keeping them in their designated areas. The blyxa is breaking up some of the transition around the wood/stone into the background. Parva will help with that as well.

I'm not exactly sure how the center (gap between the wood in the background) is going to be treated yet.....

I'm going to need to learn to prune well because I want to keep these plants in a very controlled manner, much like Tom is doing on his half dutch rainbow color scape that we all drool over. I don't want this turning into a jungle.

Guess I need to get my CO2 filled tomorrow.
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BTW thanks for the comments jeremyTR and synaethetic.

Synaethetic - I added a bit more substrate, although I didn't get a lot more height. I think it will work out well though. I'm using stems in the background so they'll get plenty of height to fill it out. If nothing else I can get another bag and fill in the corners later, I'll just have hazy water for a couple days after.... much like I do now.

This is how it's looking right now after being planted for a couple weeks. I reluctantly did a trim on the glosso/DHG yesterday on 1/3 of the foreground. I'm scared that I'll kill it by trimming... I was getting good growth out of the glosso but it was going vertical.

Also trimmed a couple of old leaves that were picking up some BBA on the edges, mostly because they were just older and were from before the reset. The new younger leaves are staying clean.
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I like the driftwood and rocks but now with the plants it there it looks even better.
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