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Holey rock is just limestone that has more holes than slabs of limestone. From there I would think it difficult to peg a number to the PH each might leave. Since limestone is just sediment, the amount and type of each sediment would seem to vary and then the final number would also depend on the PH of the water you start with and how often the water is changed or added.
My thinking runs that if you add a piece of really soft limestone rock to acidic water and leave it for a week, you get a different number than if you add a really hard limestone to a different water for months or years.
Since any given rock might have numerous varieties of different materials, I think there would have to be a far more precise definition of the rocks before you could assign a firm number.
I think of granite as a very hard rock so if I added it to 6. 5 water, I might expect to wind up with 6.5 but if it I added it to 7.8 I might also wind up with 7.8.
I think we know about trends of different rocks but not to the point that we can assign a PH range.

And then there is lots of variety in the definition of "lacerock"! Lava that has lots of small holes? Limestone with the same or something entirely different?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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