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Rock substrate

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Looking for some opinions...

I have a 10g tank with a rock bottom, many of which are 1-2.5" in length. The tank will be a red cherry shrimp breeding tank with moss as the only plant filtered by a double sponge filter. Am i going to regret going with large rocks because debris will build up? I have Tahitian Moon Sand i could use instead, but i do like the look of the rocks as they were all collected on the shoreline of lake superior and range from brilliant green to deep red to yellow.

Thanks for your opinions!
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yeah, those big rocks are going to collect a TON of stuff, and it's going to be hard to vacuum it out. I'd say you could pour your sand on top of your big rocks, letting it fill in between them. This would allow you to keep the big rocks but have less places for food and waste to get lost.

I would definately have to agree. And if you filled in with the could maybe add a couple places for a few easy grow plants to root down. Lake Superior rocks eh? Those definately look sweet in a fish tank. Good luck!
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