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Rock Hardscapes Pictures Requests

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Does anybody on this board do Rock hardscapes rather than wood? I saw a scape designed by amano in an issue of TFH, and it was with iirc hairgrass and only1 or 2 other types of plants, with rasboras and amano shrimp. he had designed the scape to look like 2 mountains, one larger than the other, it looked really cool, and I was wondering if anybody has done this?

So....if you do, post up those tanks! :)
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this is the very image I was referring to....It's inspired me to do a complete breakdown of my tank, and make something like this iwagumi tank. It's so powerful, yet so simple.
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I've got mostly rocks in my tank, not sure though if it's 'classical' enough for what you're after -

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It looks good, what plants are you using? looks like blyxa (j) HC and what else?
I just redid this scape so everything hasn't grown in yet but

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