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Rock centre piece ideas

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Im looking for some rock centrepiece ideas. I have a few pounds of river rock that I was thinking of building something out of to make the centrepiece. The other main piece in the tank is a small driftwood/moss tree. Maybe a road type scenario? It will be fairly heavily planted but I wouldnt mind a small open area in the middle.

Ive been searching through the forum (back a few years even) for scaping ideas, Im a huge DIY kind of person, and I have so many ideas floating in my head I would love to hear/see some rock centrepieces and homemade rock pieces that you guys have used.

I kinda like this idea though dont think it would make a great centrepiece

or even this type of shape:

My tank is a 20g long

i think i have found one of my new favourite hobbies! some of the scapes I have seen are absolutely breathtaking!
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I made this up quickly

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In nature you usually see just one sort of rock in a small section of river or lake. Choose either the rounded ones (best for a water setting) OR the angular ones (Suggests a scene above the water, even if they are under water).

Rounded rocks are rounded because they have been tumbled by water for many many many years. They are usually found in streams and rivers.

Angular rocks are usually found in dry settings, and are often used to make a scene in the tank like a hillside, with the rocks sticking up out of the soil. The flat ones also make good retaining walls.

A rock that is sort of angular, but also rounded may be found in areas where the water level of a lake rises and falls through many years. The rocks are not exposed to the water long enough for all the edged to have worn off, and not tumbled like in a river.
Look at pictures of the African Rift Lakes for this sort of rock.
Thank you! That was extremely helpful :)

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