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Rob's 5.5 Gal

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Ok so here is my journal of my 5.5 gal. It is my first attempt at a Iwagumi style scape. Please feel free to offer any criticism or ideas.

5.5 Gallon All Glass Tank
DIY Hood
Lighting = 2 x 10 Watt leds
Eheim 2213
DIY CO2 = 2 x 1.89L Ocean Spay Bottles
Rocks found @ landscaping store
Substrate = JBL AquaBasis Pro capped with fine black gravel.

Micranthemum umbrosum

2x Dwarf Neon Rainbow (temporary)

I plan on placing the rainbows back in my 65 gal and putting a school of neons in here along with some otos and maybe cory cats.

I purchased the leds and drivers from dealextreme, I was a little worried at first if this would be enough lighting, but so far the HC has begun to spread and even pearls sometimes, so i guess all is good.

The tank has been up and running now for 3 weeks. Once the plants fill in it should look pretty nice.

Pics to follow
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FTS and LED Lights


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Oh no, Sorry, I think this is supposed to go in the Tank Journals section, Is there a way to move it without deleting and reposting. Thanks
I think you're in the right place. Others journal their Nanos here too.
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