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I have 6 Tiger barbs, mostly fully grown, they are unfortunately, mostly male.
They are also very angry and killing each other.
One of them is possibly the most beautiful, evenly colored, most uniformly striped, tiger barb male on the planet. This is how all tiger barbs should look.
Unfortunately these fish are too big and active for my tank, and they like to chase eachother.
One of the smallest ones is getting picked on and has fin damage.
They are hardy fish and I am sure they will recover, but I really can't house these fish anymore. There is no where that will take them and if I cant give them away its going to have to be euthanasia. I cant afford, nor do I have room for, a bigger tank.
Will gladly give them away for the cost of shipping, I will ship as per the buyers request.
Local Pick Up is available in Tennessee.
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