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I have recently acquire a group of young L183 BN plecos. I had planned on buying ro water at my local walmart but only option is to buy individual gallon jugs and since I am planning to house them (buying a 40 gallon breeder for final home) in a tank that will require atleast 10-15 gallons per water change that option just seems a bit ridiculous (nearest walmart is a 30 minute drive or so). Someone suggest I goto pure waters website and noticed and few nice portable units (works better for me incase I move in next year or two). I noticed this one " " seems like would work well for what I need but was curious what more seasoned tankers might think or if had any better suggestions. Not working with a ton of money so just trying to get best bang for my buck.
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Does anyone have a particular model maybe for suggestion? Looking to spend $150 in total hopefully. Hoping to just get best buy for my money.
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