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RO system questions

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I just received an RO system from Buckeye Field Supply. I have a few questions about the system. Here's a photo of the system. I only ordered an RO system, but there is an extra chamber. I assume this is for the DI resin to run an RO/DI setup? Is there any advantage to this, or do I just leave the chamber empty?

Also, there seems to be an extra tube with a shutoff valve at the end of it. It is shown in the lower portion of the next photo. What is this for? There was no mention of it in the instructions. Also, I received a TDS meter, which read 235ppm from the tap and ~35ppm after running the water through this current setup. Is this reasonable? Anybody with some experience that can help me out with these questions would be greatly appreciated.
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35ppm is a bit high, but it might come down. Mine comes out at <10 on one unit and ~20 on the other. The left chamber appears to be for DI as a final stage. This, if you put a resin cartridge in it, will bring your TDS to virtually zero. You'll have to change it when spent, otherwise TDS goes back up to RO only range. 35ppm TDS is very clean water. The carbonate removed from the water, if your water is alkaline, will result in a nice acidic permeate. 0ppm water is ultrapure. Some use it straight up with success and others "reconstitute" some stuff that's already in the tap with additives that add back alkalinity, calcium, magnesium ... I just use RO because I use a lot and I'd go through too much resin (I do use RO/DI for drinking water).

That eccentric port on the left side of the RO housing (the white one on top) is the "brine" or "dirty" water. Usually this is hooked up to a flow restrictor (matched for flow rate to your particular RO membrane) and then to the drain. Sometimes an alternate drainage pathway bypassing the flow restrictor is provided as a means to "backflush" or clean the membrane.

I'm not sure what the parallel lines hooked up to the brine port with a closed valve on one side is for on your system. Maybe give the guys at BFS a ring or email. They offer pretty good customer service ...
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Thanks for the info! The TDS has actually come down to 13, so I'm pretty happy with the system at this point. I may try the DI at some point, as they sent me the resin for it.

I'm still not sure about the extra line that simply ends with a closed valve. It looks to me that it may be a way to simply bypass the DI chamber, as there is a split where one line runs to the DI chamber and this line runs off of it as well. The brine lines are separate from these lines.

I did call BFS, but they were closed for the day, so I figured I'd post this here just to see if anyone could help until I can get ahold of them.
That extra valve on the top lines is a flush valve. Open that valve for a minute of two at the beginning of making water and it will flush out your RO membrane and extend its life.
Wow...mine comes 40ppm on tap and 0ppm on the RO system. Must be the fact I have NYC water.
Thanks everyone. Russ called me back this morning and was very helpful. I would highly recommend Buckeye for these systems and for their service.

The extra hose is a DI bypass line, but he said I can just keep running it the way it is. It came down to 12ppm, which I am very happy with. I just changed the water in all my tanks and did routine maintenance. I'm looking forward to trying some more soft water plants
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