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river system set-up

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ok guys this is my plan.

i have a new tank which is 5ft long by 5 foot deep.
it has a fluval 4plus filtration system ready and working
and four bright t5 bulbs

i have also added a "newave high circulation pump 2000"
for the added current to make it into a river system type of set-up.

in the tank so far i have a very small goldfish of around 2 inches and a ghost carp of around 3 maybe 4 inches.
soon i am hoping to add a few roach, rudd, and mayb even some small perch

can you name any plant that they will ignore and not want to eat.
at the moment i have spiral spiralis all along the bck of the tank which are doing ok.
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Anubias have thicker foliage, which is less desirable to fish. Its worth a shot.
ok, thanks will give these plants a try. :)
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