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River Rock Scape (Re-uploaded images)

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Hello, I've been a longtime member, but haven't really posted much recently. I figured I would start again with this new aquascape. I've made several attempts at scapes for the past 5 years, but really haven't settled on one until now.

Before I bought this UNS 60U tank in January, I had a Mr. Aqua 17.5g tank that I cracked while trying to clean. I really love the UNS tanks. The mitered edges are really slick looking and the glass is super clear. I also like the dimensions of the 60U over the ADA 60P.

Hardware-wise, I'm filtering the tank using an Oase Filtosmart Thermo 100 and a Seachem Tidal HOB filter. The HOB was originally just being setup and cycled for another tank, but I ended up keeping it. I like how it skims the surface and provides surface ripple.

I'm lighting the tank using an older Kessil Amazon Sun A150W. I bought it when they first came out, and have been really happy with it. I love the shimmer effect because it makes it look natural. The fan noise is annoying, but I've gotten used to it.

I'm currently injecting CO2 in it using a UNS CO2 regulator and a neo diffuser. I previously had a Qanvee inline diffuser (which I was very happy with), but I'm starting to think I don't really need to inject much CO2 in this tank based on my plant selection and amount of plants.

The substrate is ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Light and some river sand. I'm lucky enough to live just a mile away from Aquaforest (an ADA reseller) in San Francisco, CA, so it's easy for me to come by to get supplies when needed. For the hardscape, I have some river rocks that I picked up from Home Depot and some that I picked up this past Memorial Day weekend when I was up at Yankee Jim's Bridge in Colfax, CA. There's an awesome swimming hole right under the bridge. Being at the river really inspired my scape.

For plants, I went with some really easy, low-light species:

  • Blyxa Novoguineensis
  • Cryptocoryne Balansae
  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown
  • Nymphaea stellata

I just setup this scape on Monday, so it's super new. The filters have media that I think are already cycled. They were in use on the tank from January up until this past weekend. Just in case, I'm using API Quick Start to restart the cycle and feeding it some ammonia. I attempted to stock the tank with fish a month ago, but they didn't survive, which is what led me to re-scape the tank. It's highly likely the tank wasn't fully cycled.

Because my partner really likes fancy goldfish, I'm thinking of re-stocking it with just a couple Ranchu and a hillstream loach. I'm trying to convince him to let me go with a school of white clouds instead, but we'll see.

Here are the photos of the tank as it currently stands. I would appreciate any feedback!

Water Vertebrate Plant Lighting Organism

Plant Fish supply Turtle Leaf vegetable Aquatic plant
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