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Ripped betta fin.

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Hi, guys!
My betta had a fake coral in it's tank, and he ripped his fins on it. So I took the coral out, kept the water clean, changed the water regulary with the conditioner, and temperature is always on 27 degrees celsius (80f). He is in a 8L tank (2 gallon), with no filter.

It has been more than a month now, and I haven't seen any difference at all. Luckly he has not developed any rot yet (I think). I've used a tiny amount of aquarium salt to see it it helps, but nothing. I've also tried to using almond leaves (left it inside the tank for about a week), but that didn't do anything either. I don't know what else to do to.

Here are some pictures.


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Changing most of the water daily and maybe upping the amount of aquarium salt is really the best thing you can do. Though there are many who are opposed to using medication I have also had a good results using Seachem's Stress Guard and Kanaplex+Focus in a medicated food mix
A tank for a betta size wise, should be At a minimum 5 gallons.... Filtration and heating is a Must for a Betta to stay healthy and not be stressed, I do not recommend you use salt for this situation as a ripped fin generally is the least stressful thing to happen to a fish (unless its a huge tear and gash which in this case, its not). 80F is to "hot" or warm for a betta to thrive. the fish can adapt to 80 IMO after a while though, generally if you just got him keep it at a low 75F... Time will heal this wound no medicines (Especially in an unfiltered tank) are needed...
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Consistent clean water will heal the little guy in no time.
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