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Riparium Trellis and Midground Plant Suggestions?

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Hello! I'm starting a riparium project, but this will be my first one. I'm not really going for fancy, just fun! :)

The background is mainly going to be peace lilies.

What are some great midground or trellis-growing plants that I can use for a riparium setup? Please and thank you!
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Anubias nana work well. Umm Java ferns. I've had success with Hypoestes on the rafts. Those are all of my trellis-raft plant species
I would immediately think of the following plants for the trellis:
Pennywort (Hydrocotyl, several species, but any of the mid-sized or larger leaf)
Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia nummularia)

and if the trellis is larger:
Heartleaf Philodendron
Golden Pothos (archway over a door)
Other house plants that can grow with roots in the water, stems in the air. You may have to test some, see what works. Good water circulation is the key.

For a really interesting look grow vegetables this way. Tomatoes can be trellised, and most of the pumpkin/squash/cucumber/melon family. Peas and beans may work, but I am not sure. This would be more of a hydroponic set up, quite large.
Thanks guys! I will definitely do some research on your suggestions!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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