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Riparium Plant: Dieffenbachia

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Last week I picked up a houseplant that looks like a good riparium candidate, a Dieffenbachia cultivar.

The plant did not have any kind of label, so I don't know which specific variety it is. It has attractive leaves anyway.

I imagine that it will respond well to riparium culture. I remember seeing a stand of of large Dieffenbachia in a real wet location out in the rainforest. They look like plants that would grow well in swampy conditions. This plant will probably get bigger, but I hope that I will be able to control its size by trimming leaves.

I potted this one up in a Small Hanging Planter and situated it in my newly updated 20-gallon setup.

Like many of the most popular tropical foliage plants, Dieffenbachia are aroids, members of Family Araceae.

I wrote a few additional observations on this plant into a post on my blog.

I'll try to remember to return to this thread with a report on how well it grows.
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I see a lot of Dieffenbachia in the houseplant sections at various stores, but most of them are very large, which is desirable for houseplants, but not for us. Right now none of the stores seems to have houseplants, since most of them keep them in an unheated area, and it is just too cold at night now for any to survive. My Home Depot does have a few tiny pots of various plants spread around the store at times, but none have interested me yet. Every day is a day closer to Spring!
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