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I have a 10gallon that I want to make rimless... I can just pop the trim off and it will still be safe...right...?
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Don't try... Its a VERY bad Idea... Especially because the glass is all dirty and probably uneven and very sharp under that trim. And you're taking away the structural stability of the tank. It isn't made to be rimless.... and when you do use something for something it's not intended to do by the maker problems usually occur..

oh ok haha Then I will leave it on.
I agree about the condition of the rim as well as the pain of getting rid of the silicone. I don't agree about the structure. To me, the rim does absolutely 0 structurally ***except*** protect the edges from chipping and damage. Especially on a 10 gallon...
The problems I see with removing that rim are that it isn't easy to do, so you may break the glass; the top edges of the glass are not likely to be finished, so you will have an uneven top edge with possible sharp corners; and, if you change your mind it is hard to put a new rim on, as well as costing money to get a new rim if you can do so. The benefits are, what?
Bad idea. You can remove the trim and instead silicone a cross brace in, but what good is that?
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