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I'm selling this whole setup to make room for my next tank. The tank has been set up since January. Probably spent over 2k on this setup, so i would like to get at least some money back. 400 dollars and I can help move it.

all fauna has been purchased hence the new lower price of 400.

- Full Carpet of Hemianthus Callitrichoides
- Dwarf Hairgrass
- Micranthemum Micranthemoides
- Subwassertang
- Java Moss

- Mr Aqua 22g Long (low iron)
-ADA Garden Mat
- $350 worth of Ryu-oh Stone
- 36" Finnex Planted+
- Eheim 2215 Mod with 2217 Propeller
- Viv 13mm Glass Lily Pipes
- ADA Thermometer
- Hang On Drop Checker with Cal Aqua Indicator and Reference Solution
- Custom 3" Acrylic LED Risers
- Hydor 200 Inline Heater
- ISTA Turbo c02 Reactor
- Aqua Ultralight 8w UV Sterilizer
- Aquatek Mini Regulator
- 2x 21oz Paintball co2 Canister
- Ikea Cabinet
- Glass Feeder
- Stainless Steel Tools (Curved Scissor, Straight Scissor, Pinsetter, Angled Pinsetter, Algae Scrapper)


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Holy perfection!!! spectacular.
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Man, what a deal.. Seriously considering this.
EDIT: If you break it up, what would you like for all the shrimp.. Amanos, cherries and the Oto.. snails too
EDIT2: Actually what would you like for all of your livestock?
This is the updated fauna

- 14x Ember Tetra
- 12x Cardinal Tetra
- 3x Corydora Habrosus
- 1x Otocinclus
- 9x Amano Shrimp
- 10x Red Cherry Shrimp maybe less maybe more
- 3x Zebra Nerite Snails
- 1x Gold Honey Gourami
- 4x Lampeye Killi
- 1x Baby Bristlenose Pleco

I can probably do 70 for all of it
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