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As I was visiting my dad today, I helped him clean out his garage and saw some of his old reef set ups from when I was a little kid. Two things in particular caught my eye:

1) A rimless tank that was used as an under the cabinet filtration system for a huuuuuuge 250 gallon reef. It's probably 30-40 gallons, and looks is seperated into two different parts: A larger side (3/5) and a smaller side (2/5) that doesn't extend all the way to the bottom. Instead, it cuts off and leaves a 3" gap under the tank. Do I sound crazy? Here's an artist's rendition:

Presumably that was done so the smaller side could be loaded up with filter media and then pumped through the other side.

I have two options:

Make it two seperate tanks, considering egg crate already separates the two tanks. I could then put a big filter pad and put aquasoil over it and then it would be two aquariums. But then, shrimp from the bigger side of the tank would be able to get under the 3" space... they couldn't get into the other aquarium, but they could wander around under there and I'm sure something weird like anaerobic bacteria or deadly shadow bugs would somehow ravage them. I could just block it with another filter pad I guess.

Or I could take out the middle glass and make it one big tank for CRS. Ideas??

2) I found a fluval 404 that could probably be used as the filter for that tank.

I'll probably take some cell phone pics tomorrow or when I go to my parents again, he doesn't want the stuff anymore and I'm happy to use it.
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