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Rimless Bowfront

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I've been admiring some of the tanks on TPT for a while now. I fell in love with the look of rimless tanks from their clean and simple look. Receiving the tank as a present I decided it was time for my turn to try to turn the glass box into art.

My hardware includes:
Aquatop 8.7 Euro Bowfront
Zoo Med 501
Finnex Planted+ 20"
Ehiem Jager heater 50w

Seeded gravel (Obviously to get bacteria established in the substrate and help hold the slope)
Azoo Plant Grower Substrate
ADA branch wood
Ohko stone

Hygro Sunset
Dwarf sag
Rotala Colorata
Crypt Wenditti
2+ stems that I don't remember the names of and a mystery plant.

For now the only fauna is 5 Tiawan Super Red shrimp and MTS and some pond snails. Most likely gonna get an assassin snail if the pond snails get out of control. For fish im thinking of getting micro rasboras, forgot the scientific name at my LFS.

And finally to what everyone wants to see, the pictures. SOrry for the crappy cellphone pictures.


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Thanks. Once my population of fire reds grow I'll probably start dosing my ferts heavier and that should really bring out the reds.

For right now I'm supplementing it with flourish excel, but in the future I would like to add co2. I actually was planning to build one my sold with the help of another member who builds them himself and way more money. Probably go with a paintball canister for this tank because they are much cheaper so I can alternate between the two.

Update: Some plants are melting but that is to be expected. I did some maintance since the far left corner plant in the first and second pics (id please) melted so I hacked or back and replanted the good portions that have newer growth.

Shrimp are constantly molting. Three miles within the first couple days being in the tank. For reference, the tank was setup on 4/21 and shrimp were added 4/23, thanks to using a cycled filter and Azoo substrate.
Tanks is running solidly.

For water top offs should I be using RO water or is using regular tap with dechlorinator fine?
Regular tap is fine in most cases... as long as you also do regular large (over 50%) water changes to help discourage TDS buildup.
Alright thanks for clearing that up.

So today I one of the shrimp dead. It was one of the most solid red one as well as one of the biggest. I noticed it had Purple marks on it. Today when I found the shrimp the purple area was way bigger than it was before. Should I be worried about a possible shrimp disease?
Purple marks?

Any chance you got a picture?
Yeah. Before it died it had different purple markings higher in the body that were kind of spotted. This is what it turned to after it died. Plant Leaf Terrestrial plant Wood Grass

Insect Arthropod Eye Pest Snow
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I'd post those in the Inverts forum if you haven't already, see if anyone else has seen that?
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