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Hello Everyone!

I'm saving up for 10 gallon tanks to tweak and work on my moss grow setup, so it's time for another sales thread! Any questions please feel free to shoot me a PM! Also please PM for availability since I can't update the thread more than 10 days out!

Please note that shipping varies on the items you order! Please be sure to include your zip-code when getting in touch with me since I have a variety of shipping options available! I've done my best to list shipping fees for each, but I can and will happily combine multiple items.

I don't have any heat packs so please mind your weather, hold for pickup is always available and FREE!

Anchor Moss - What's shown in the picture and more There's a lot in here as you can see - $20 Shipped (There's a potential for some snails in here, I do grow the snails in this tank to feed my assassins, also when trimming I got close to the wood in a few places so there may be some root/brown strands on here not many just a heads up) sold

Riccia Stones

This is a new "creation" of mine and I wanted to share them with all of you! Riccia is snail free

Please be specific when ordering as to which picture and rock you want I have them. In the pictures with 2 rocks, the top rock is ROCK 1, the bottom ROCK 2.

Prices: Rock 1 - $10 Shipped, Rock 2 $10 Shipped, Rock 3 SOLD - $16 Shipped

Buy The remaining two for $17.50 SHIPPED!

Care: Care for these rocks is pretty easy, please do remember to AVOID using Excel as the riccia doesn't really appreciate it. You can let them grow out or you can trim to make new riccia mats, up to you, there's so many great possibilities for these rocks.

They can get pretty amazing when they grow out. Here's one in my 20L CRS tank about 6 weeks after being attached. :hihi:

Rock 1 - $10, 2 - $10 (Submerged)

Rock 1,2 (on 1x1" grid paper)

Rock 3 - $16 SOLD (Submerged)

Rock 3 (on 1x1" grid paper)


Dual Sponge Filters - NEW Small (Perfect for 10-20 gallon tanks) - $5 each! (Shipping on one runs about $2, two ~$2.50, three ~$2.75, four ~$3, five or more I'll cover the shipping!)

  • These are the sponge filters that I use in my shrimp and grow out tanks
  • Fully adjustable sponge and outlet (Both move 360 degrees for any setup from normal use to custom use)
  • These are small enough to fit in my shoebox size bins
  • Simply add your air pump and you've got a shrimp/fry safe filter
  • Buy 5 get 1 FREE! and get FREE Shipping

Water Polisher for marineland style filter - $6.50 SHIPPED sold
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Digital Thermometers - These are brand new in package and come complete with your first set of batteries installed! I use these in all of my tanks, and they have a wired probe that you can place anywhere in the tank, comes complete with suction cup, these also can be powered off to save batteries so you can spot check them! The sensor is waterproof and comes complete with about a 3 foot long wire to the thermometer for easy placement in the tank! Has settings for both F and C and has an easy to read display! $5.50 Shipped, $4.50 for each additional (ie if you buy 5 it would be $23.50 Shipped)

I will have more of these in stock soon, please feel free to contact me so I can notify you as soon as they come in. Please let me know if you're looking for quantities greater than ten, we can work out some type of bulk deal.

Biomagnet clarifier - Used to help clear water cloudiness quickly after placing new substrate into your tank - $.75 Ea or all 3 for $1.50 Shipping = 1 stamp first class, or $2 in a bubble envelope

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NEW Analong Timed Power Strip 4 timed, 4 always on (picture and more info after I get home tonight $20 SHIPPED

Rocks and Decorations

I'm offering Rocks at $1.50 each. Please note that this does not include shipping and these usually require a MEDIUM flat rate box to ship more than one or two. However, I can fit A LOT of them in a flat rate box. Ideal for someone wanting to get rocks :red_mouth Rocks and plants DO NOT ship together...sorry I don't want to kill your plants :thumbsup:

  • Rocks have been previously boiled and or used in tanks and I do highly recommend cleaning them again prior to use to ensure proper safety for your tanks
  • Rocks offered are approx. 1/2" to 1" in thickness
  • The boxes in the photos are 1 square inch
  • Let me know the rock you're interested n by letting me know the picture number and rock number
  • Buy 10 get 1 Free
Picture 1 Top Down 1, 2, 3A, 3B 4

Picture 2 Left to Right, top to Bottom 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B
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Picture 3 Top to Bottom 1, 2, 3, 4

Picture 4 - Only rock there
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Supplements and Other:

Flourish Iron supplement 500 ml bottle, it weighs 1 pound on my postal scale - $7 - Please ask for shipping costs, will be based on zipcode/best method
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5 Way Airline Splitter - worked when I pulled it for clear ones $5 SHIPPED
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Nets - $1.50 Each (Shipping available First Class or Priority)
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Please note that you will need to contact me for a shipping quote prior to purchasing, prices do NOT include shipping!

FloraMax Black - one bag left approx 13 lbs $24 shipped
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ActivFlora - 32 Lbs Available - Only sold by the bag $14 for 16 Lbs
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Shipping Terms:

  • Plants are shipped via USPS Priority Mail ONLY! Equipment ships by fastest/most economical shipping - Let me know what service you want and I'll quote you, I can ship everything from USPS to FedEx.
  • Shipping Fees (which are not included in package deals denoted as $XX SHIPPED) include $1 to cover my gas to the post office, I live in Florida and with our temperature extremes your package will only be dropped off in the post office and not left in some box for the mailman to pickup!
  • Dry goods ship within 24 hours of paypal payment, Plants will ship on Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday! Don't ask me to ship any other day on plants, the weather is cold and I don't have heat packs
  • Overnight shipping is available, simply let me know you want it and I'll get you a shipping quote.
  • Live Things/Plants: Refunds will be only used on plant orders with Hold For Pickup, if you're temperatures are below 50 and you want it delivered to your house, you do so at your own risk. HOLD FOR PICKUP IS AVAILABLE AND FREE FOR ALL ORDERS!!!!!!!
  • You are always welcome to insure your package. If you would like insurance please let me know when you contact me. -- Please note USPS Priority is automatically insured for $50 for free. If your purchase is more than that simply ask for more coverage and I will give you an updated shipping cost.
Payment Terms:

  • PayPal Preferred (On these threads I request you send payment as goods that way we both have protection) -- Ships on days noted above.
  • Checks - Contact me for mailing info - I will wait for the payment to clear in my bank 100% before shipping (3-5 business days)​
  • Money Orders - Contact me for mailing info - Your package will ship within 48 hours of your money order arriving in the mail.​
  • Trades - If you have something that might interest me let me know maybe we can work out a mutual trade.​
I am always interested in trades! Let me know what you've got and I'm sure we can work something out!

Currently Interested in:

  • CO2 Equipment​
  • SS Scissors and aquascaping tools​
  • Kordon Breather Bags​
  • Plants - Let me know what you've got​
  • Light Timers (new preferred)​
  • Water circ pump (good enough for a 55 Gallon)​
  • LED Lights (for planted tanks)​

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