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Riccia! S Repens

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Can riccia survive without co2? Anyone ever try using this in a low tech as a carpet? I currently have it in a high tech and it is growing very well both floating and tied to rocks.
Same question for s Repens. can it survive in low tech?
Thanks in advance for the help!
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In past I used to have riccia in tank without co2 and let it float. It was grow like crazy.
Riccia will do more than survive without co2. This covers almost half of my 55 & is about 3" thick in most areas!

I've also got S. repens in the same tank. It took a while to become established, came from Petsmart. Now it just keeps chugging along. Definitely not growing super fast though.
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Very cool! Thats a huge mat you got there :). Wondering if you have any submerged riccia? Cause riccia floating can get co2 from the air.
I have had submerged ricca do well in a fairly low light tank without CO2. S. repens survived but doesn't do well in the same tank, I think it's a light issue more than a CO2 issue but it's worth a try.

my s.repens with no co2 and aquasoil/flourite mix. carpeted fine, slower growth but did ok.
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chunky how many watts is your light and what is your tank size??
I've never had a problem growing Riccia without CO2 either floating or submerged. Before you know it you'll have a ton of it. Stauro growing it emmersed so I can't answer that.
sweet! Im currently growing it out in high tech tank very well. gonna move it to low tech. Hopefully it will stay healthy. Thanks for your input. Makes me feel less anxious about moving the riccia and stauro
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