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riccia growth

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hello, i got a piece of driftwood with riccia pre-attatched to it:

i had actually been looking at riccia and driftwood here and on ebay, so i was happy to find both.

anyway, i was wondering about its growth rate, about how long from now should i expect to see that piece covered?
and will it spread to the ground, i really like the carpeted look.

btw, no CO2, no fertilizers as of right now, but about 3 WPG

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just realised this should have gone in the plants section, didn't read the sections right...
my b
IME it will grow up from wherever it is attached. Will not creep or spread - unless you spread it. It is a floating plant by nature...

I was under the impression that if you try and grow this stuff submerged you best inject CO2 - though I have never tried it without CO2 to be sure. Once it gets settled - and given the right conditions, it will grow quite fast. If fact you will need to trim it frequently or else re-attach it if you are successful.
hmmm that's not quite what i though....i guess i'll just keep tying it down as it grows, and if it wont grow i'll get another CO2 rig going.

say it does grow and i do tie it down, will it then proceed to cover the driftwood like in all those nice pictures of it
, NO riccia will not Spread.You will have to manually cover the wood in riccia.
if till grow out, not acrosss
ah, gotcha. that's kinda lame
yep, especially when your working with dwarf riccia and it going flying everywhere and dying
Sounds like your purposes might be better served with something like Taiwan Moss...
yeah i'll have to think about it....
the only place that has a really good plant selection is pretty far from here, and gas isn't cheap
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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