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Need to downsize some plants so that they dont consume all the light. No snails. Have light algae, but who doesn't. It mostly grows on the windshield and i clean it off every 3 weeks. Some of the plant leaflets are browning on tips from the riccia covering the light i think. Overall health is great though, in my opinion.

Riccia fluitans - Crystalwort (I keep it floating.)
~4inch X 4inch piece = $5
(One mat is pending payment, but i have enough for one more.)
It has grown since i took this video, but here is what your buying.

Marsilea Minuta (i think...) - $20
I counted over 40 nodes. You are basically taking every node i have in the tank. I will pull it all out.

Water Wisteria - $1 per stem (Will be trimmings, minimum 5 stems, will be over 6 inches each and will include roots for the most part.)

I also have Java Moss, maybe golf ball size, maybe more, maybe less. Will let that go for $2 plus whatever a bubbled envelope at USPS costs. Can provide a picture of it upon request.

Can do trades for equal value. Particularly looking for:
Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov' - Lace java fern
Microsorum pteropus "narrow" - narrow leaves microsorum
Staurogyne Repens

Shipping via USPS
Payment via PayPal
shipping additional $6 or if larger box needed $12+ (Flat Rate Medium Box Type 2). (Covers paypal fees and USPS flat rate) The closer the shipping the better.
PM me if you have questions or what you want to buy along with your paypal email so i can invoice correspond and update status accordingly. I will provide a picture of package contents upon payment and just before boxing to ship out. Shipments will go out monday or tuesday to avoid being held over weekends unless you state you dont mind.
This post will still be up for some time. I wont be able to edit anymore so message me to check for availability as i still have plants available.
Thanks for viewing!
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